Congressman Simpson on $1.9 trillion bill: Pelosi ‘has politicized COVID relief’

Congressman Mike Simpson voted against the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill that was passed by the House over the weekend.

CBS2 reached out to the Idaho Congressman for his reasoning. He pointed blame at the House Speaker.

“I continue to be disheartened by Speaker Pelosi’s extremely partisan approach this Congress,” Simpson said in a statement. “She has politicized COVID relief and dumped every possible Democratic wish list item into an irresponsibly large behemoth. How does funding for a failed high-speed rail project in California take priority over getting kids back in the classroom?”

“It’s absurd. I hope House leadership will reconsider this approach and start involving Republicans in major legislation. The American people were sold an approach of unity and change and so far at every turn we have seen the exact opposite.”

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