Simpson Commending President’s Message to Compromise for the Common Good

Washington, D.C. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson released the following statement following President Trump’s State of the Union address.

“President Trump showed us tonight that the things that unite us are much greater than that which divides us. I’m pleased he began his remarks with a mission to work together, as Americans, not Republicans, not Democrats, but citizens of our great nation. I have long agreed with the message the President reiterated tonight stating, ‘We must resist revenge and compromise for the common good,’ I hope Congress will respond to the call.

“Our country is on a strong economic path and the President reminded Americans of the millions of new jobs created in the last two years. Thanks to tax reform, our country is seeing the benefits of increased wages and job creation for working families.

“The President laid out several bipartisan goals; addressing our countries infrastructure needs, ensuring trade deals support agriculture, lowering the costs of prescription drugs, cover pre-existing conditions, and supporting cancer research. I look forward to working with the President and members of both parties to secure our border, enact meaningful immigration reform, and address DACA.

“I also deeply appreciated the President condemning the unspeakable practice of late term abortions. I will proudly join with him in advocating for the rights of the unborn.”