Boise, ID- Congressman Mike Simpson and Kathy Simpson announced today their endorsement of President Donald J. Trump in the 2024 Presidential Election and released the following statement:

“President Donald J. Trump has mine and Kathy’s full support and endorsement in the 2024 Presidential Election. America was stronger, more prosperous, and safer under the leadership of President Trump. President Trump has been a strong champion for Idaho – cutting job-killing regulations, supercharging our economy, enacting historic tax reforms, and supporting policies that raised the median household income to the highest level in our country’s history.

“He fought tirelessly for our farmers and ranchers – ensuring that they finally got fair trade agreements, and he worked with Congress to eliminate the death tax that makes it so difficult for family farms and ranches to pass from one generation to the next.

“Under his leadership, the United States became the number one producer of oil and natural gas on earth, and we achieved American energy independence which is vital to our national security. President Trump proudly supports our brave men and women in uniform and our veterans. During his time in office, our military regained the critical support it needs from the White House and Congress.

“Joe Biden has demonstrated time and time again that he is fundamentally out-of-touch with the American people. Biden’s disastrous policies have crippled America’s energy independence, crushed hard-working Americans with run-away inflation, and threatened our national security. Biden has created an even worse crisis on our Southern Border as millions of illegal immigrants, including dangerous criminals, drug traffickers, and suspected terrorists on Homeland Security’s watchlist have flooded our unsecure border and entered our country.

“It’s time for the Republican Party to come together so we can defeat Joe Biden in November. I encourage my fellow Idahoans to participate in the upcoming Presidential Caucus on March 2nd and join me in supporting President Trump,” said Congressman Mike Simpson.